Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Return of Football 2010

NFL camps have started and college football is just around the corner. A lot of stuff has happened in the world of football this offseason. From conference expansion to a potential lock-out, there are plenty topics for the American football fan to talk about. Here the storylines for the upcoming football season.

Can Boise St. win a national championship?
This has been up for discussion for a while now. The Broncos have been highly regarded as a top 5 if not a top 3 team in the nation. If they can take out Virginia Tech and Oregon St, and some teams lose, this can come true. Boise St. has become a excellent program and should be given the opportunity to go the title game.

Is there a definite Super Bowl favorite?
The Saints won it all in Miami. But can we rely on them for a repeat? History shows us that the past two champs have not performed well the next year. The Giants and Steelers didn't get it done. Also the NFC South has had different division champion over and over again. The Colts can make a run but they haven't shown much improvement. What about the Vikings? That depends on the old gunslinger, Brett Favre.  What about the Packers? Can they protect Aaron Rodgers? Also, Rex Ryan and the Jets have made major offseason moves to win it all. It is safe to say this season in NFL will be a wild one.

Who will be the next stars of college football?
Bradford, Tebow, and McCoy are all gone. So who will replace them? Ryan Mallet, Christian Ponder, Terrelle Pryor, Mark Ingram, and Andrew Luck are all stars to look out for. Watch out for John Brantley from Florida. He is replacing Tim Tebow at the quarterback position.

How long will Darrelle Revis holdout?
Last year, he shut down everyone number one receiver on the field. He is probably the best cornerback in the league. But he is underpaid. Can the Jets and Revis come to an agreement to get him on the field?

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